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HCG-obesitycure.com is here to help you better understand why obesity appears in the first place, what HCG diet is all about and how to cope with this disease. After all, obesity is a disease which many people don’t have a control over it.

While others choose to eat more than they can handle, thus getting fat with each day, some simply suffer from various disorders which makes them get fat no matter how little they eat or how much exercise they are getting each day.

Here you will find out about the nature of obesity and you’ll also discover a way to treat it. This is not about some fancy, expensive dieting book or products, you are simply presented with some treatment guidelines to help you get over your obesity based on some clinical studies

The information found in this site is taken from a book written by a doctor who studied obesity for 16 years and has done several studies and treatments on test subjects with very satisfactory results. His belief was that when dealing with a disorder where the patient has to be actively involved in the treatment, he or she has to fully understand everything that is done and the reason behind it. This is a great way to assure a good cooperation between the physician and the patient.

The Nature of Obesity

The obesity, regardless of its form, happens due to some abnormal functioning for your body, or some organ in it. Every pound of fat you accumulate in an abnormal way is usually a result of the same disorder of specific regulatory systems within your body. People who suffer from this disorder will get fat regardless of how much they eat, or how less. On the other hand, someone who doesn’t have this disorder will never get fat, even if he or she overeats frequently.

Someone with a severe disorder will get fat very fast. Those with a moderate disorder will gradually gain weight while those in whom the disorder is just mild are able to keep their weight within normal range for longer periods of time. It is important to mention here that in all these cases the loss of weight achieved through dieting, treatments with thyroid, appetite-reducing drugs, laxatives, violent exercise, massage, baths and other similar things is only temporary. The lost weight will rapidly be regained as soon as you reduce the regimen, sometimes a person puts even more weight than prior to starting the diet. This happens because none of these treatments address the root causes of the disorder and they do not correct the basic disorder.

History of obesity

Believe it or not, there actually was a time when obesity was considered a sign of health and prosperity in males, while women who were obese were considered beautiful and fertile. This attitude, however, dates a long time ago, to Neolithic times, about eight thousands years ago, back when for the first time in the history of culture man started to own property such as domestic animals, houses, land, pottery and tools made out of metal.

Before that, with little exceptions of some races such as the Hottentots, no one ever knew what obesity meant as it was practically non-existent. This is till valid for wild animals and most primitive races. Think about it for one minute: how many obese animals who live in the wilderness have you seen? Or how many tribe members were fat, when you watched all those documentaries on Discovery Channel?

The sad truth is that today obesity is very common among all races who live in civilized regions. One reason behind this is that the disposition to the disorder can be inherited.

The importance of regular meals

Institution of regular meals is what changed the inherited dispositions to develop into obesity sooner or later. This change happened in the early Neolithic times. The pre-Neolithic man only ate when he was hungry and ate as much as he needed to satisfy that hunger, and no more. Furthermore, his food was raw and unrefined, unlike these days when everything you find is either processed, refined and full of chemicals. Back then, the man roasted the meat as he didn’t have any pots to boil it. He also ate anything he might have picked up form the Earth, or trees.

The human’s digestive tract is designed, just like that of a pig or an ape, for a continual nibbling of tidbits. It is definitely not adjusted to big feasts as is, for example, the intestines of carnivorous animals, like lions or cheetahs. That is why the institution of regular meals, especially foods that are rapidly assimilated by our bodies placed a great deal of burden on today’s man. Our digestive system is just not configured to cope with a large quantity of food suddenly poured into our bodies.

The introduction of regular meals signified that man had to eat more than he actually needed so he could make it until the next meal. What this large quantity of food did was to flood the system with nourishment which he didn’t need at the moment, so the body had to do something to store the surplus. Fat cells were created and man started to gain fat.

The extra fat will never go away until you do something to burn it. And the only way you can do this is by exercising. At least the only natural way. being overweight can cause all sorts of health problems, men yeast infection being one of them. Get rid of your extra weight and you’ll get rid of your infections as well.

How HCG Treatment for Obesity started

The use of hCG for balancing obesity was known to us through a clinical report in 1954 by late Dr. ATW Simeons. He studied through his clinical tests that fat boys, who were diagnosed with Frolich’s Sydrome or Adipsogenital dystrophy, when treated with hGC showed positive improvements. During the course of treatment there was occurrence of fat distribution in their body.

Later, after various research, he concluded that hCG may help in treating obesity. hCG or Human chorionic Gonadotrophin hormone is secreted by trophoblastic cells. Through medical research it has been concluded that hCG cures obesity. It facilitates the weight loss procedure.

The reason of obesity is slow metabolism and food cravings. hCG is the hormone which treats obesity through its substitutes easily found in the market. hCG drops are easily available in market. They facilitate slimming process by programming the hypothalamus portion in such a state that the fat deposits in the body are efficiently metabolized. These drops control the hunger pangs of an individual. Due to unnecessary binging we end up gaining extra calories which are converted into fat deposits. With the help of hCG hormone food cravings are controlled.

There are many websites and magazines which have articles on hCG diet plans. However, if you plan to follow these diet plans, consult your physician. There are two versions of Hcg hormones; oral drops and hCG injections. hCG sublingual drops are the most preferred way of losing extra weight. It is easy, comfortable and economical.

There has been no proof that this hcg hormone has any effect on your skin. So if you are suffering form acne and you are currently following some acne natural treatment, you shouldn’t worry. It will still work.

Often people think that hCG drug is just another weight loss drug however this is a hormone which naturally occurs in our bodies. During pregnancy hCG hormone is present in large amounts. Whenever your doctor prescribes you a hCG diet he will also tell you to follow a low-calories diet. Many people who have actually followed this diet mention that this hormone boosts up the entire metabolism. This way a person can effectively burn his fat deposits. It was also found out that hCG hormone protects the endogenous fat and muscle. There is no sagging of body and skin.

With pros comes a lot of speculation and false claims. People often say that this form of weight loss is unhealthy. Only 500 calories per day can damage body in longer run. It can be stressful and can affect muscle tissue surrounding our heart.

Irrespective of these controversies hCG sale is rising. However as a smart consumer we should be very alert of our surroundings. Today there are many fraud companies which claim to sell genuine hCG pills or doses. You may end up loosing hundreds of dollars as well as risk your life. You have to be very alert about the genuine diet plan and medication. To avoid this confusion and tragedy try and consult your near by physician. If you are purchasing any oral medicine online try to find out the history of the pharma company and the genuinity of the webportal.

hCG obesity information can easily be obtained from internet and various health magazines. Today hCG diet is the latest FAD. However we should be cautiously choosing our mode of treatment after gaining full information.

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